Dogfight (1989)

One of the things I’ve always loved about the GI Joe line has been its ability to incorporate military designs and styles from different recent eras and somehow make them work. Dogfight’s look is influenced by a bygone era or fighter jocks in the mid 20th century. He doesn’t so much resemble a straight World War II pilot as he does a character from a late 40’s movie serial or a 50’s TV show, especially with the huge wings on his hat and his silver earphones. I expect him to open his mouth and tell me to get out my secret decoder ring.

The late 80’s series drivers became more outlandish in some respects, but were interesting nonetheless. It seemed Hasbro was puling out all the stops for new design elements on the driver figures, including some intricate and exotic removable helmets. The driver figures also were more likely to get a sidearm, and most of them were never before seen sculpts. Dogfight’s scoped pistol is no exception, and like many driver weapons, was unfortunately never reused.

Dogfight has got to be in the mustache Hall of Fame for the cookie duster he’s sporting. That said, I have to wonder if maybe he was designed to be a new version of Wild Bill.


  • Wild Bill was the first guy I thought of when Dogfight showed up in ’89. I liked his file card bio and his appearances in the main book along with Special Missions had me warming up to him pretty fast. His ‘stache reminds me of Dum Dum Dugan as well. Dogfight is one of the most offbeat drivers in the line’s later years and at first glance he seems like a simple Wild Bill clone, but he still works for me somehow as both figure and character.

  • “I expect him to open his mouth and tell me to get out my secret decoder ring.”

    That’s the greatest thing I’ve read all week.

  • I like Dogfight, I like the Mudfighter as well, but I agree that I think he may have originally been meant as an updated Wild Bill. I would’ve been fine with that as well. I even used Dog Fights head for a custom Wild Bill to pilot my True Heroes Shark cargo plane.

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