Destro (2008 Comic Pack)

While the original 1983 Destro remains the iconic vintage interpretation of the character, I always liked the 1988 Destro, with its bigger build and ball jointed gold  head. The addition of the cape and sword (which could hang on the figure’s hip!)  was icing on the cake. The whole look had a pirate-y feel to me, which was a refreshing change from his disco warlord ensemble.

So why is Destro wearing a black mask rather than his usual Iron Grenadiers gold version? I don’t know, but it’s on the cover of the comic included with this pack. The issue takes place between Marvel issues 86 and 87, which of course portray Destro with his gold mask.

The variation is an interesting look, and it blends well with the subdued palette of the figure. Maybe it’s MARS stealth technology built into his mask, making him invisible to radar. I can see it now, a Joe radar operator tracking an incoming Iron Grenadier force: “Sir, I’m picking up hostiles coming in at 28 degrees–it’s Destro! And he’s headless!

The single carded black version is the more definitive release of the mold, but this one is a cool, if odd deviation. It’s ironic that Destro, one of the more famously melon-headed figures in the vintage line went the opposite way in the 25th line, and received a teeny-tiny noggin.


  • This was one of the oddest variations to come out of the 25th Anniversary line. But I gotta go with the Iron Grenadier outfit over Destro’s classic duds. The 1988 figure not only established him as his own man outside of Cobra, it also brought out his regal, more militaristic look as well. This figure doesn’t quite do his predecessor any justice due to the mask. All I can think of is Al Jolson in “The Jazz Singer.” On the other hand, the single carded 25th IG Destro is truly awesome.

  • I didn’t even know about this version until Alexx used him in one of his reviews. I bought the comic pack in question, but mine included the traditional gold head.

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