Daina (2005)

Although we’re getting what looks to be a pretty definitive modern set of Oktober Guard, the classic o-ring style also had its own great set in the form of comic pack figures. I’ve covered a few of the others, and I’m happy to say that this Daina is just as impressive as her comrades (wink wink).

Even though the Lady Jaye mold on which the figure is based had become overplayed by the 2000’s, you can’t blame its continued use, simply because of the limited amount of female molds. Speaking of which, the figure is smaller than its vintage counterpart. Was it a remold that was pantographed smaller, or a resculpt? Regardless of the little differences, the figure is still essentially the old mold.

The color choices are again part of what make the figure stand out as something more than a simple repaint. By giving the old Lady Jaye mold a two tone color scheme, Hasbro offset some of its tiredness. My only wish for the paint job would be for a more detailed and crisp camo pattern. I shouldn’t complain too much, however, as the paint details are very well done. They even painted the zipper!

The head is the big draw, and is yet another successful newly added element of these comic pack Oktober Guard figures. Though it is a tad pinheadish, I’m glad they didn’t cheap out and stick a Sonya Blade head on the poor gal. As this is meant to represent the Guard’s first comic appearance, Daina is outfitted in a fur cap, rather than the tanker cap that she would later wear.


  • The torso and arms are indeed retools–they’re shared with the comic pack Lady Jaye. And I disagree about the mold being ‘tired’–it’s only been used 6 times, each with a big gap for the most part.

    • When the remolded it, they took away the blouse’s button around where Jaye’s nipples would be.

      Strange, even downsized that the head still looksa bit too small for the body.

  • Can’t fault Hasbro for reusing the Lady Jaye mold, especially when it gave us a proper, comic-accurate Daina. A new head sculpt makes all the difference. I was never happier with Hasbro in the 2000’s than when the comic packs hit, with the Oktober Guard being the icing on the cake. This figure made up for previous offerings such as Volga and other lame Guard repaints from the late 90’s.

  • I just wish this year’s con set was a little more affordable/easier to obtain. It’s a shame something so monumental as the October Guard’s modern era debut would be an expensive exclusive. I can pass up Accelerator suit Voltar and the various IG, but the October Guard-something fans have been begging for,for years, is limited. Couldn’t have Hasbro made an OG 7 pack similar to the ones offered by Big Bad Toy Store?

  • The best Daina/Vorona ever i.m.o.!

  • This Daina is a good figure (though the Midnight Chinese version was more comic accurate and better) and should have been what the comic packs were about. She is close enough using existing parts that she works for collectors. Few of the non OG figures from the comic packs could really say the same. I’m glad we got her, even if the OG packs were shortshipped and have actually attained some aftermarket value.

    I don’t know why Master Collector didn’t look to include at least some of the OG molds when they were doing ARAH sets. Daina and Horrorshow would have been awesome additions in the Red Shadows set and made as much sense as Flint.

    I’m not much of a new sculpt fan, but this year’s con figs do look good. I’m tempted to buy a set as I figure the OG figs will easily fetch $100+ on the aftermarket once the con is complete.

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