Copperhead (2007)

This collectors club exclusive Copperhead is a pretty successful blending of new sculpt era parts. It’s also one of the few figures to make successful use of a Spy Troops disguise accessory, in this case Sgt. Airborne’s helmet. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was thinking “Copperhead custom!” when I first saw that helmet back in ’03. This wasn’t the first use of Spy Troops disguises on club figures, as the previous year’s Nullifier used a helmet and chest armor to good effect.

The club somehow managed to make the DTC Salvo head even uglier here, and I think it’s a great choice for a character who’s been described as an unruly and unsavory individual. Including a sword makes sense, and it somewhat resembles a machete, a weapon that would surely prove useful when operating in the swamps.

The figure really pulls me in with its color, an incredibly bright and eye-catching combination that recalls the original Copperhead, while adding some nice extra black accents. Speaking of color, the figure had a very nice Python Patrol repaint as part of the club exclusive DTC wave.



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