Commodore 64 GI Joe

Honestly, this one escaped my notice until recently. As a kid, I paid some attention to the video games released to computer setups that I could never afford, but I didn't catch this one. I was lucky to have an Atari 2600 years after its heyday, let alone a Commodore in 1984. That didn't keep me from pining for the more graphically impressive games I'd seen in video game mags, or on the backs of the games' boxes.

I'm more interested now in the packaging than in checking out the actual game (which can be found at the Internet Archive here.) Maybe someone can play it and give it a review in the comments.

The front of the box is totally 80s, with its laser-traced images of Joe team members surrounding the head of what may be Flash, or any of the other visor-equipped fellas. The back of the box gives us screenshots that would have blown my mind compared to the simplistic sprites in the games I'd been playing. Amazingly, the box copy lays out a pretty detailed description of the game. I'm sure there was also a manual, and I wonder what if any interesting Joe art might have been inside

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  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I had a Commodore 64 and had no idea there was a Joe game available. I’m actually surprised Zap’s a character. He never struck me as being particularly popular and wasn’t really featured on the cartoon.

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