Comandos Helicóptero (2009)

Wrapping up four days of convention vehicle coverage, it’s one of the items that I was most pleasantly surprised to see during my years of buying the Collector’s Club exclusives. The Comandos Helicóptero was part of the 2009 offerings, and the whole set is special to me, since that year’s con was held in my hometown of Kansas City. My amazing wife even attended with me, and we had a great time, making JoeCon a part of a stay-cation that year.

The main set from 2009 caused a bit of a stir in the collecting community, as it was a modern construction style update of the popular 2002 Crimson Strike Team. Unexpectedly, a few famous international 80s GI Joe characters were put into the mix as attendee exclusives. The concept was also extended to a couple of the vehicles, and the 25th anniversary FANG was repainted in Action Force colors as well as this throwback to the Argentinian figures. The silver and blue color scheme is similar to the old Glenda figure, and the copter serves another purpose, giving 25th Glenda–I mean Pilot Scarlett–something to do. I wonder if the international theme among the add-on exclusives was a preemptive strike to answer any complaints about a rehash.

An interesting little detail is the phrase on the side of the vehicle, “ad astra per aspera,” meaning “through hardships to the stars.” It’s not only the motto for a unit of the Argentinian Air Force, but also the state motto of Kansas. A happy coincidence, I’m sure, but if an intentional tribute to the con’s location, not entirely correct. The con was in Missouri, not Kansas. Dangit, why can’t people get that right? Regional Nerd Rage!


  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I would never have thought to paint Scarlett’s outfit grey and blue, but that’s a nice looking figure. I like the FANG done up in these colors, too.

  • I was initially a little underwhelmed when I first got this piece, but it’s really grown on me over the years. The FANG looks sharp in silver and while I never snagged a Glenda to pilot it (and I believe there were a lot of Joe fans that snapped her up on the Joe Con floor if what I saw was any indication) the colors also worked well enough with the Rise of Cobra camo that Quaid Hawk looks surprisingly good behind the control stick. It was a great international (and Kansas) nod and I’m pleased it’s grown on me over the years.

  • “Both our battle cruisers are destroyed”
    “We’ll build the sdf-3, Lisa and we’ll get to the starts”
    “Thats right. We’ll go to the stars and beyond”
    [Last episode of Macross saga]

    I dont know why some people complain about “foreighners” being in G.i.Joe. At the end of the day, they are just toy soldiers. Oh and does anyone else see the 1/72 scale Panzer road wheel?

  • @Skymate
    Why the Macross saga quote?

  • @Acer
    Its from the episode titled “To the stars”
    I thought it fitted in with Robs comments regarding “flying to the stars”. Or soemthing like that

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