Coloring Time: What’s Wrong, Snake Eyes?

Time to bust out your favorite Crayons and go to town on some early 80s GI Joe coloring pages. I hope Breaker realizes his teammate can’t talk–though he is a very effective pointer.



  • G.I.Joe coloring books bring out the excitement,in the eyes, for everyone.

  • How’s Breaker speaking so clearly through that bubble gum?

    I like these old Snake Eyes renditions. He seems less mysterious than the man in black. But, that makes him more mysterious since the only difference is a mask instead of an entire outfit.

  • Yeah, he’s always pointing. Even in the cartoons. I remember reading somewhere many years ago, that Snake Eyes was not mute, but that he instead made the decision to never again speak, after been in an accident that disfigured his face. As for Breaker, is that really him without his beard? And why does he look so young? Oh, yeah, because he shaved his beard. I think. There has always been something confusing, or inconsistent, in the G.I. Joe universe. Even that early on back then. Speaking of confusions, and inconsistencies in G.I. Joe, was Snake Eyes always a ninja? I ask because the 1985 Snake Eyes figure, was the first one ever to be released with a sword. And it was released one year after Storm Shadow, (who just might actually turn out to be the very first ever officially designed to be a ninja figure, that was released in the original 1982-94 A Real American Hero collection), had already been released in stores. And by the way, the 1983 swivel arms Snake Eyes reissue, was not given a sword. And I’m more than sure that the Hasbro folks not only had plenty of time to have made a decision about making a sword for that figure, but also had plenty of time to design, and then make the sword. Another thing that I have always wondered about is why wasn’t Hawk, and Cobra Commander released on blistered cards along with the other 1982 carded figures, instead of how they were originally released. And then in 1983, while the swivel arms Cobra Commander was finally released on a blistered card in stores, poor Hawk didn’t get any respect that year. It’s almost as if there was a decision made by somebody at Hasbro, that Hawk was not going to be the one in charge of leading the Joes in battles, but instead someone else, Duke, would be the one to do that. So, the Hasbro folks decided to not even bother releasing the swivel arms Hawk, in a blistered card with his own “new” accessories, while reissuing the M.M.S. in a box by itself. That’s exactly what I think happened. And both the 82, and the 83 Hawk figures, were not given any weapons. Not even a side arm. Even though it says on the filecard that Hawk is a qualified expert on M-1911A1 auto-pistols. Wasn’t Hawk a general, or a colonel, at that time? If so, then what the heck was going on then? Why was there such disrespect towards Hawk until 1986?

  • Speech impediment or unwillingness to speak aside, neither of them would be able to hear each other over that noisy rail car anyway

  • What Snake eyes is trying to say is, “Cobra is having an all you can eat shrimp buffet over there!”

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