Coloring Time: What’s Wrong, Snake Eyes?

Timmy?! He’s trapped in the well?! That’s what I thought when I first saw this page. It’s actually an interesting image for a coloring book. You’ll have to use several black crayons to finish it up, however.


  • ”Snake Eyes says a lot, without having to say Anything! at all.He lets his actions speak for themselves. This makes him Very Dangerous!, to any of the Joe’s who get on Snake Eye’s bad side, along with the Cobras.”

  • Snake Eyes has 4 joints in his finger apparently

  • “What’s wrong?” Scarlett is pregnant! That’s what’s wrong, Duke.

  • James From Miami

    After looking at this image, I am now wondering if there is a G.I. Joe coloring book that either has drawings of the 80’s, and/or 90’s, characters standing up, or has the images from those figures card art. And maybe the box art from the vehicles, planes, etc. also. And if such G.I. Joe coloring book doesn’t exist, then somebody should make one. Why not? I would them. Perhaps they can make them in two volumes. One for the 80’s, and one for the 90’s. And then maybe next, the Transformers.

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