• Excitement to the eyes.

  • Perfect post to wrap up the year.

  • O.k., I know who those two guys inside the spaceship are. And I know that the lady right there with them, is not Dr. Sidney Biggles-Jones. But, could that guy on the front, standing next to Shockwave, could he have been Rampart one year before it was released in stores as a G.I. Joe action figure? I know that somebody on this website, told me that most likely, this guy is Hit & Run. But, it looks just like Rampart.

    • No, he doesn’t actually, apart from the misdrawn helmet that looks more like Blocker’s than Rampart’s funny wrapped trucker cap. Note the shortened/pulled-up sleeves with their elasticised cuffs, the placement of the chest webbing and the shape of the “backpack.”

      • You’re right. I went to Yojoe.com to see photos of both of these figures, and Hit & Run has those elastic sleeves, just like you said, while Rampart has on a jacket with the sleeves not pulled up, or rolled up. And he has on gloves. Who ever drew Hit & Run on this coloring book, either messed up on the helmet, or perhaps just did it like that on purpose. Either way, I don’t think that we are ever going to know what really happened.

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