• ”Joes sitting around having cups of joes.”

  • How can Shockwave drink coffee with his mask on?

  • James From Miami

    The guy on the left hand side of the picture, is supposed to be Hit & Run. But isn’t Hit & Run supposed to be wearing a helmet, instead of a cap? Or is that a helmet? And on his file card it says that Hit & Run’s secondary military specialty is mountaineering, kind of like Alpine. But there was a Target exclusive figure that came with a parachute. So I have always wondered if he is supposed to be a paratrooper, just like Airborne, Rip Cord, Crazylegs, and Freefall. Even the web gear around his uniform make him look like a paratrooper.

    • Maybe it’s “Hit the Rampart & Run”, a new character? I’m surprised we can recognize any of these guys. Although, judging from his right arm, Muskrat might actually be the Thing!

  • Guy with his back to us, Red Shadows?

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