Cobra Vehicle Gunner (2008)

I kind of kick myself in the butt over the Target exclusive Ultimate Battle Pack. I should have kept it sealed rather than opening it. The presentation and sheer size of the set is very impressive. Mine survived unopened for over a year, then I tore into it in an effort to save storage space. Oh well.

The Cobra Vehicle Gunner struck me as interesting almost immediately upon seeing it. The 25th Anniversary Cobra Trooper mold itself wasn’t a favorite of mine, but I had been enjoying the various repaints, be they homages to the 80s or newly minted versions of the venerable Cobra terror troops. The Gunner is suited up in a deep grey, with red highlights. The result is a troop type that stands out from the basic blueshirt, and seems to me to denote a higher ranking or more specialized agent.

I would have been interested in seeing a variety of environmental specific troopers outfitted in the basic Cobra garb. I think there’s something of a market for this kind of variant. One need only look at the popularity of custom figures produced by the Black Major to see that fans will buy uniquely decorated older Cobra molds.

Cobra Vehicle Gunner (2008)

Cobra Vehicle Gunner (2008)

Cobra Vehicle Gunner (2008)



  • My Target clearanced these sets for like $12. Didn’t collect the style, so didn’t buy one for me. Might have picked one up for a friend, though. They had a ton of them. Might explain why they didn’t do more of them.

    • That’s be a steal, if just for the red HISS and the blue Flight Pod! I’m with Rob that the presentation is the highlight of this set, especially when you consider the tired and identical-to-’82 MOBAT. With this Cobra figure, Hasbro was flexing their repaint muscles, and it came out pretty interesting.

  • These came and went so fast I never had a chance to get one. I picked up one a while ago at a toy show and it is very impressive.

  • Can anyone confirm for me if the gray on this Gunner’s pants matches the gray on the waist of the ROC Wal-Mart Tunnel Rat?

  • Never got the set, but found the MOBAT from it at a garage sale for a buck or two.

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