Cobra Shock Trooper (2011)

Cobra Shock Trooper (2011)Accessories were absolutely insane during the Pursuit of Cobra line. I can’t recall getting as many interesting pieces of kit per figure since the multi-part figures of 1990.

The Shock Trooper is all about options. There are different ways to display him in terms of both his defensive and offensive accoutrements. There’s a three part helmet, several traditional ranged weapons, as well as bevy of tools with which to cause melee mayhem (even a sledgehammer–dang!)

Of course, this is Cobra, so we can’t get away without a little branding. Like the uniform itself, the faction markings are quite realistic, looking akin to a kind of real world security force heraldry. Cobra is emblazoned on the riot shield and the back of the figure’s vest, and is written in a very nondescript font (is that Arial or Helvetica?)

The subdued, masked look is intimidating on a level I can’t recall seeing previously in the GI Joe line. They make for a frightening faceless, nameless force, the sort of group that could roll into town to quell the the uprising of a population that dares to defy a Cobra takeover. It’s like an Alley Viper without the flashiness.

The head and neck are the only things that seem a bit funky to me. It’s not bad, like a giraffe neck, or a perpetual nod a la Recondo, but when the helmet is taken off, the head seems to sit a little too high off the shoulders. Maybe it’s correct, and I’m just used to the more toylike proportions of old. Regardless, it’s a cool new take on a Cobra trooper.

Cobra Shock Trooper (2011)

Cobra Shock Trooper (2011)Cobra Shock Trooper (2011)


  • And it would be reused for every figure since then

    I would have preferred dollar
    General released shock troopers over the over rated cobra troopers,

    Great design but might be time to retire the tooling

  • That’s a clever way of carrying his stun batons. Good thinking, Rob. Yeah, I’m getting a little tired of seeing everybody with Shock Trooper parts, but they’re at least decent parts. Remember how often we saw those terrible Duke arms during the early parts of the 25th Anniversary line?

  • Helvetica.

  • The cobra police?

  • Not unlike the GIJoe Retaliation Trooper, this very detailed and nondescript figure lends itself to a lot of repainting. And you’re right about the head. Look where his shoulders are and imagine where his jaw is. Just a little too high, but the balaclava usually hides it.

  • I see these guys as the prerequisite for Alley-Vipers.

  • What an awesome figure. The overall sculpting is very realistic and I love that vest. Great for customs too!

  • Apparently it was originally mooted as an updated version of the original Cobra Trooper, then they decided to change the name to ‘Shock Tropper’…Sometimes I just wish Hasbro would simplify Cobra’s rank and file, I mean, Vipers / Cobra troopers, Toxo / Hazard Vipers, Tele / Data Vipers and Shock Trooper / Alley Vipers etc etc….practically similar M.O.s and they regurgitate the same crap out under the aegis of a new guise and new name….enough already!

  • Most overrated figure of the past 5 years. Not bad, just overrated. He’s a SWAT guy with Cobra markings. It’s not especially creative.
    The line over his mouth makes me think he’s a muppet.

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