• Yeah–how long till we see a Python Patrol version?

  • One is neat. As an army builder, this design was overkill, though. But, really, what is this guy? Is he a ceremonial guardsman with the sword? A tactical commando with the vest? Or an extension of the Elite Troopers? I get trying to pack as much into sparse figure releases as possible. But, if the cost is the character’s identity, it’s probably not worth it.

  • He looks “tacticool” & paint apps were cost-effective, but was anyone really big on the Shadow Guard in the first place? At least this time he didn’t come with nunchuks or a single arrow. Packing him with Gung Ho was a mistake though; army builder 2-packs are the way to go. Or maybe Letal is right: this guy is a single Elite Officer facing off against the Great Gyrene.

  • Darth Crimsonguard

  • No real interest with this figure. Sold him on the ‘bay and paid for the two pack. I like the concept of the CG’s but not so interested in the figures. Too tough to troop build as well.

  • Nice looking figure, I like him! The various accessories help build a uniquely kitted-out team.

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