Cobra Officer (2008)

Cobra Officer (2008)The Marvel comic inspired multi figure packs continued into the 25th anniversary, and the Cobra troopers were one of the few repeats from previous releases.

The colors, although a bit more muted than the o-ring predecessors, were nonetheless inspired by the bright hues of 1980s comic printing. There’s something missing from modern comics, in a tactile sense. I remember the newsprint type paper, which aside from its cheap but unique texture, gave off its own distinctive smell. As comics have become more sophisticated in terms of production, paper quality has improved, but I will miss the feel of older comics. Funny enough, I remember the first comic I saw printed on what was called premium paper being an issue of GI Joe. As strange as it was, I was impressed by the clarity of the images and bold colors.

Continuing along the comics line of thought, the Cobra officer in question will be instantly recognizable to readers of the early Marvel issues, as the head sculpt has been modified with two scars running at angles down the figure’s face. An homage to the Cobra courier known as Scarface, it stands out among the many other versions of the toy. The head sculpt under the helmet is still a bit odd, since the hair is again painted on. I much prefer the later DVD battle pack paratrooper with its sculpted crew cut hair.

Cobra Officer (2008)


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