Cobra FANG II in International Catalog

From the 1991 international catalog comes this beautiful shot of the FANG II. This vehicle is one of the more under-rated of Cobra’s air forces. Maybe I’m partial to it since it featured in the Operation: Dragonfire mini-series. At any rate, it’s an interesting design, and the presentation here is top notch.


  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    This is one of those toys that I liked (but, not as much as the original FANG), but could never find at the store when I was a kid.

  • For me, it was a bit underwhelming because I didn’t like it as much as the FANG at first, but it grew on me. Perhaps just a different name would help so as not to compare it to the original as much. And why was there never a black repaint of the HISS II? That’s a really awesome design/toy.

  • I never realized the colors are so similar to the Mamba. I’ve heard they’re rickety and can fall apart, but this catalog image makes it look very cool. Wouldn’t have picked a HEAT Viper to fly it, though. Maybe Night Viper or even TARGAT.

    • Haven’t had one in years. From what I remember, the engine pieces come unsnapped, they are softer plastic. There’s a quirk when you assembled the toy, you had to press down really hard on top wing halves until they snapped right, otherwise the VTOL rotors wouldn’t stay in position.

  • A Heat-viper might make some sense, if it’s used as an anti-tank aircraft like the Rattler… does have plenty of missiles and VTOL capabilities…

    • HEAT Viper is shown on the box art, so maybe that’s why the figure was used.

      • Well then there’s the question of which came first, box art or catalog pictures? And then still, whichever did come first, why HEAT-Viper in the first one? 😀

        But yes, I remember I didn’t have mine assembled properly at first so the engines would flop and the propellers would be pointing down and back at an angle, but fixed that and it was great! Did not have an engine piece unsnapping issue.

        • Dreadnok: Spirit

          Maybe Hasbro was just intent on selling some HEAT-Vipers. I mean, if the kid just got his parents to buy him the FANG, it’s only natural he’s gonna want the figure on the box. That cross-selling’s supposed to make it look like you need the HEAT-Viper for the FANG and vice versa.

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