Cobra Driver (2008)

It’s been a while since I’ve dedicated a week to that most essential of vestments: the pant. Throughout the history of human civilization, covering one’s lower extremeties has been a necessity. And throughout that time, there has also been a need among humankind to dress to impress. From ancient times to the modern age, pants have made the man (and woman). Since 1964, pants have also made the Joes. With that in mind, it’s time again for another installment of Nice Pants Week.

The Target exclusive vehicles released as part of the 25th Anniversary series gave collectors a few requested vehicles and figures. I was most jazzed to get modern silver pads Grand Slam and a Crankcase figure, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the driver of the blue HISS Tank, descriptively dubbed the Cobra Driver. I was drawn to the figure both because it reminded me of the classic grey Stinger Driver, and because it wasn’t the HISS Driver. I’ve never cared for those melon headed, thigh-high boot wearing guys.

I’m a fan of more colorful or wildly patterned camo among the Joes and Cobras, and though the Cobra Driver doesn’t incorporate a large number of colors, his pants make up for it with a powerfully contrasting camo. Sure, there are those who are more interestingly colored (Elite Viper) or patterned (Sandstorm), but the Cobra Driver takes the old tried and true amoebic shapes and makes them his own. His impressively decorated dungarees also make him useable in my Joe world as a higher ranking member of the same corps that makes up the Stinger Drivers. Something has to distinguish the higher-ups from the rank and file, and these nice pants fit the bill.

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