Cobra Commander (2008)

Cobra Commander with a cape? Fabulous, absolutely fabulous. Only the truly motivated world conquering megalomaniacs among us would dress up to this level of snickerdoodlery. The man was flashy enough with his double breasted fascist business suit with matching hood, but to add a cape, not to mention one festooned with gold cobra finery, just shows a new level of mad genius.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there. The car salesman turned totalitarian titan has learned the power of  accessorizing. Not content with the simple mid-torso belt of old, he’s adopted a golden hued full shoulder harness, complete with scabbard and holster. What devious dictator would be caught without a ceremonial serpentine sword and gold plated sidearm?  Don’t let Destro cramp your style. You go, Commander.  


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