Cobra B.A.T. V5 (2005)

So I guess at some point Dr. Mindbender gave up on a fully humanoid appearance for his battle androids and opted to crib from Terminator. I can’t believe a man as smart as Mindbender would need to blatantly copy like that. I suppose there’s no accounting for style plagiarism, as he also dressed like a 19th century Eastern European Chippendales dancer.

The pure robotic BAT design, though not entirely original, was I thought a nice change of pace. It was certainly more fearsome looking than the robotic grasshopper in biker shorts that preceded it. The modular weapon theme of the BATs continued, if only for one type of weapon, but at least this BAT appears to be sporting a decently sized and effective weapon.

The biggest news about this figure however, was its chicken or the egg origin. Coming at a time when the small Joe line was being phased out, and the differently scaled Sigma 6 was introduced, this BAT design was featured as a Sigma 6 toy as well as in the animated series. So the question is: was the 3 & 3/4 inch figure designed first, as part of the Valor vs. Venom follow-up Robot Rebellion series, then ported over to the new line, or was it intended for Sigma 6 all along?

Regardless, I found the design to be an interesting departure from the norm, and as a fan of the Sigma 6 style, am happy to see what became one of its prominent troops also available in the more accepted Joe scale. Too bad other Sigma 6 figures haven’t also made the transition since. I would love to see Lt. Stone make an appearance in a modern Joe line. Maybe the collectors club can get on that.


  • Been sick as a dog for days so gotta keep it brief. This version of the B.A.T. reminds me of those newfangled Word War Robot designer toy whatchamacallits.

  • The head has a scowling look that seems silly. The non-removable cylinders on the arms were awkward. The decision to make the gun permanently molded onto the fore-arm was an odd one since the hand is sculpted on the gun.

    Also, despite their feature, the best advice is not to disassemble these, you’ll loosen the joints too much. They aren’t as take-apart friendly as one might think. Removing the head is okay, because it’s tab is soft, the arms and waist have hard plastic tabs that will get more wear and never be as tight as they were out of the box. The Overkill from that era has the same problem.

    That said, not a bad figure.

  • @Clutch that Ashley Wood stuff is awesome! While I certainly don’t “hate” this style BAT I must say I am glad they went back to the original design

  • I love this version of B.A.T.!

  • I think the early test shots with red cannisters were better than the neon green.

    Hard to believe these are nearly 7 years old!

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