Cobra B.A.T. V4 (2004)


The new sculpt period produced four new versions of the venerable cobra android trooper, some of which were repainted time and time again during the era. The initial redesign bore a certain resemblance to the original 1986 BAT, but with a modern robotic twist. However, the initial version was missing the interchangeable arm, the most memorable element of the BAT. The second new release, dubbed version 3.2 remedied the situation, while adding new arm attachments, like a wicked blade.

The next iteration of the BAT was the biggest stylistic departure yet from the classic look. Now sporting a truly robotic look, this version showed more exposed mechanics than ever before. How does it compare to older versions? I think that depends on how tied one is to nostalgia. If you’re open to new designs that break from tradition, you’ll find a lot to like.

This particular variant was available in a single pack via discount chain stores like Family Dollar during the Valor vs. Venom series. It sports a different paint scheme and accessories from its main line counterpart. I also prefer this version’s brighter red color scheme to the previous release’s maroon, though the mold saw several other repaints, including a really nice 1986 style black and yellow paint job in a DTC exclusive BAT Attack multi-pack.

I’ve found this version of the BAT to look like a sort of faster moving model than its predecessors, mostly due to the thinner build, and the legs, which have a sort of insectoid appearance. In fact, the head also appears insect-like to me as well, almost resembling a mantis.  The antennae also reinforce the look. The mold however doesn’t get away without a little oddness. Yes, the V4 BAT appears to be wearing running shorts and slippers.



  • I’ve always liked the first newsculpt BAT, as it was my first ever BAT figure.

  • Would do wonders if upgraded to a modern era waist. Still I like the 3 I got back in the V vs V 2-pack days.

    The slippers I see as sound/shock absorbing feet so it can run quicker and quieter without vibrations. Or something.

  • Years after their release, these are readily available from Chinese sellers overseas, though based on the pictures the sellers use, they probably only come with the previous BAT’s large flamethrower, which is too heavy.

  • I tried to get all of the various variants of this even though I was less than impressed with the mold. I thought he bore a very strong resemblance to Ultron (still do in fact) which kind of hurt the look of the fig, I did appreciate teh two hands being swappable though, that was cool. Still these seemed like a fleeting joke even though (besides the shorts and slippers as you mentioned) it’s hard to find too much wrong with the figure on many levels. But I haven’t used them in forever, they do lend themselves to comedy pretty easy though so I need to remedy that.

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