Chuckles (2014 Kre-O)

Chuckles (2014 Kre-O)When the GI Joe Kre-O line began last year, I hadn’t intended to get into it more than looking at a few of the figures that struck my fancy. I remember being a little bit let down that five of the first twelve blind bag figures were martial arts or ninja themed. Then again, the packaging matched the full-on ninja-fied look of the GI Joe: Retaliation branding, so it shouldn’t have been too big of a surprise to see guys like Kamakura and a Ninja Viper alongside Rock N’ Roll and Torpedo. Initially, I picked up just the early 80s based figures, but the toys were so funs it quickly became a “gotta buy ’em all” situation. I figured by the time the series ran its course, we’d probably just get mostly up to 1986, with a smattering of other years’ subjects.

Flash forward to this year’s waves 4 and 5, and the class of 1987 has had quite the representation in brick form. From Law to Jinx to Outback, and now Chuckles, some of the year’s coolest Joes have made the transition. Chuckles is ever his odd self, and the floral festooned one makes a great subject for this format. The coolest undercover Joe looks ready to go in deep cover to infiltrate a Cobra compound. The standard leg printing is a very nice touch that most all of the Joe Kreons feature, and Chuckles is strapped with his trusty knife. The shirt is great, as expected, and they even thoughtfully decorated his sleeves in floral print as well. Impressive. Now to send Chuckles deep into Lego City, although he’ll have to move more stiffly to really blend in.

Chuckles (2014 Kre-O)


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