Chinese Major Bludd


imageChinese Major Bludd is the most worthy follow up to the 1983 mail away Bludd ever put out in the original Real American Hero toyline. Too bad nobody in the US knew he existed until the internet became a thing in the 1990s. The figure was distributed exclusively in China alongside mostly US re-releases like the ’86 Dial-Tone, Cobra Commander v1, Laser Viper, Tiger Force Roadblock, Pathfinder, Storm Shadow v1, Rock n Roll v2, Recoil, and the Undertow.

Who oh why did the USA never get this version of Sebastian Bludd? The figure would have been an iconic favorite from the latter half of the GIJoe line methinks… to bad it was relegated to being an obsure foreign release specimen. It uses General Flagg Jr.’s coat and the Lamprey’s arms and legs which are a dynamite combination of parts plus the perfect Bludd head off the Super Sonic Fighter version of the mercenary. This is my favorite command character in all of the Cobra hierarchy. I had to buy this figure off ebay a few years back to get it but it was well worth whatever I paid for it (I don’t remember what the Buy It Now price was, but I had to grab it). And for me the Chinese Major Bludd running gag over at Joe Customs never gets old. 😛


  • I used to have this guy back when the Chinese Joes were still flowing into this country at bargain prices. The Flagg torso suited him like a glove and the figure was ten times truer to the original Major Bludd than the Super Sonic Fighter ever was. It’s really too bad that Chinese Bludd didn’t see a widespread U.S. release because he really could have sold quite nicely.

  • Perfect Bludd, best version ever i.m.o.!

  • Never knew this guy existed. Great looking to update to a classic character. A new must have.

  • He’s okay. I never thought the parts used were that great. The original Bludd had more character…the tags, the vest, the weird arm, the green strip, the boots. At the least this version needed some boots. The Lamprey work shoes don’t go with Bludd.

  • These Chinese figs were sold at some long defunct discount retailers in the US. That is the origin of most of these figures and why they have been so easy to find since the mid 90s.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I never had this one and until reading this article, I didn’t even know it existed. This is without a doubt, the best version of Major Bludd to me. It’s just perfect and makes me wish this was the original design for Bludd all along. This is easily one of the best looking Joe figures.

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