Tiger Force Roadblock (1988)

What’s my favorite element of Tiger Force, the GI Joe jungle sub-team? Is it the awesomely recolored jungle deco version of Flint? How about the super cool re-purposing of the Rattler and Water Moccasin as Joe vehicles? Maybe even the exotic and captivating overseas exclusives? Nope. It’s Tiger Force Roadblock’s helmet. No other figure accessory for the offshoot team is

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Wreckage (2003)

How many times has the ’84 Firefly mold been used, especially since the 2000’s? Too many times to count. The Cobra saboteur seemed to turn up each year back then, even making it into two separate Cobra multi figure packs. I know the mold is a classic, but sheesh, talk about overexposure. Well, that wasn’t always the case. Until 1998,

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