Cybor Trooper (1996 CORPS!)

Lanard’s CORPS! toy line has had a long long history of repaints. In my time of collecting the series, I’ve found that the original versions of the figures are increasingly harder to find than the myriad of repaints produced through the 90s. The Max Power series featured many of the original molds in a variety of odd camo patterns. Cybor

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Tracker Tom (1999 Corps!)

Say what you will about Lanard’s Corps! line and its copycatting of RAH GI Joe, there’s no denying its appeal to collectors of the odd and unusual. At the line’s beginning, there were plenty of cribs from Joe, including some incredibly close representations of Joe equipment. For years, I’ve had a backpack that resembles Major Bludd’s as well as a

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Lars Lazer (1999 Corps!)

I’m sure most Joe fans have a story or two about getting an “almost” Joe gift from a well-meaning but ill-informed relative for Christmas, birthday, etc. I had a one of those experiences, too. Give Grandma a break; everybody doesn’t pay attention to name brands and such, especially when there’s a cheaper and similar looking figure hanging on the pegs

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