Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL)

The HAL is a monster! I’d venture to say it’s the most intimidating bit of stand-alone artillery the Joes have in their arsenal. I know the Rolling Thunder as a portable missile platform is more impressive for long range capability, but this thing just looks mean on the battlefield. Cobra was seriously outgunned in the early days of the toy

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VAMP Driver (Code Name: Clutch)

When you think of a GI Joe “driver” figure, your mind probably goes immediately to Clutch, the famous man behind the wheel of the VAMP, the first series Real American Hero’s general purpose ground vehicle. The concept of a vehicle with an included action figure was a brilliant piece of marketing, and something that have Hasbro a leg up against

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Bazooka Soldier (Code Name: Zap)

What’s Zap got going for him that’s not inherently cool? He’s different from the other team members and carries the most devastating weapon in the group. Who else can take out a tank all by his lonesome (aside from Sunbow Storm Shadow)? He also almost got his own unique head mold, complete with what would have been the Joes’ earliest

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