HISS Driver (1983)

There aren’t many GI Joe figures that made it through to this day from my original childhood collection. I was much more conscientious with Star Wars in that respect, maintaining all of my original toys. The Joes and Cobras unfortunately fell by the wayside, for the most part. I had thought that the only figures that survived the teenage-years purge

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Cloudburst (1991)

It’s rare that I feature a figure from my collection who’s incomplete. Sad to say, since I started the blog, my disposable income has diminished, and there are some figures and vehicles I probably won’t be able to complete. Such is the case with Cloudburst, one of the fantastically colored and interestingly accessorized Air Commandos. So right off the bat,

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Pathfinder (2004)

Pathfinder found his path to the modern GI Joe releases twice in the early 2000s. he was included first with the 2001 AWE Striker sans weapons. I assume he was chosen due to his uniform, as its nicely nondescript when given a subdued paint job. I do miss the orange and green camp however. No nice pants this time around.

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