Horrorshow (2005)

Horrorshow, the Russian Oktober Guard’s no-nonsense bruiser, was a figure long requested by fans of the comic series. The comic packs were a perfect opportunity for Hasbro to get fan requested figures such as this released. A character with such a distinctive look demanded a lot of newly tooled parts. Luckily Hasbro didn’t skimp on this one. The quilted field

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Zarana (2005 Comic Pack)

Like her brother Zartan, Zarana is a master (or is it mistress?) of disguise.¬†You certainly wouldn’t get that idea from looking at her outfit. Not something that blends in, unless you’re hanging around the film set of a low-budget 80’s Italian Mad Max ripoff. Maybe it’s what she wears on Cobra’s causal Fridays. Say what you will about her, but

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