Today, your humble Joe A Day writer is attending Power-Con/Thunder-Con, the first convention dedicated to He-Man and Thundercats, two hugely popular 80’s toy and animation properties. Joe has always been my favorite 80’s toyline, but Masters of the Universe ranks high among my personal geek loves, primarily due to the Filmation cartoon and the recent Masters of the Universe Classics

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Baron Ironblood (1983)

While not technically part of the GI Joe line, Palitoy’s Action Force could be considered a close cousin. The original 1960’s Joe line had a counterpart in Europe known as Action Man. Based on the American GI Joe molds, it branched out to include British soldiers as well as venturing into less military territory, much like Hasbro’s 70’s Adventure Team.

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Muton (1982 Action Force)

“An Evil genius threatens the world. His name is Baron Ironblood and his twisted criminal brain dreams of only one thing…world domination. Using powerful and sophisticated weaponry, Ironblood’s ruthless followers would gladly die for their master. Baron Ironblood has vowed to destroy Action Force” Action Force, a British 3 3/4″ military line similar to GI Joe, went a little nuts

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