Cobra Commander (2008 SDCC Exclusive)

Hey, looks like old rag head is running for President or hosting his own late night talk show. This suited Cobra Commander was released as a San Diego Comicon exclusive in 2008. Like other recent SDCC exclusives, there were two versions available. The black version was produced in higher numbers than the blue jacketed “Springfield Country Club” version. Both are

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Stalker (2008 DVD Battles Pack)

When it comes to classic Joes, it doesn’t get more classic than Stalker. Prominently featured in early Joe media, including the Marvel comic and the Sunbow cartoon, he’s been around since the beginning and is still an integral part of the Joe mythos. In the Marvel comics before Duke’s arrival, he functioned as Hawk’s second in command of the Joe

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Snake Eyes (2008)

Now this is the man in black done right. Coming later in the 25th anniversary line, this figure is based on Snake Eyes’ vintage third figure version, which was kind of a strange departure compared to his previous versions. Its a modern interpretation of the commando concept. The sculpting and articulation are much improved from earlier 25th figures.  It’s an

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