Cobra Driver (2008)

It’s been a while since I’ve dedicated a week to that most essential of vestments: the pant. Throughout the history of human civilization, covering one’s lower extremeties has been a necessity. And throughout that time, there has also been a need among humankind to dress to impress. From ancient times to the modern age, pants have made the man (and

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Lady Jaye (2007)

The first of three Lady Jaye figures released in the 25th anniversary series, this version follows closely to the original 1985 figure and its card art. Her most…uh…distinguishing feature is her impressive decolletage. If you ever needed a sign that the modern GI Joe lines are aimed at collectors, Lady Jaye is equipped with two good reasons. So the question

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Dial-Tone (2011)

I’m torn. I really like the vintage Dial Tone figure, but I have a hard time liking this one. The old Dial Tone had a very unique look, from his outfit to his weapons and accessories. He was another one of those 80s redesigns that kept life in the line. The concept of a communications specialist that worked so well

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