Starduster (2009)

For a guy who originated as a cereal mail-in, Starduster sure got some play during the 25th Anniversary series. It stands to reason, as there is a ton of nostalgia that surrounds the original figure. One of the senior ranking officer sets featured the character, albeit with a modified code name. Clad in a brighter blue camouflage that mimicked the

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Duke (2010 Resolute)

It’s no surprise that Duke could garner two figures from the short lived toy offerings based on the Resolute animation. The first figure, a single carded all purpose Resolute Duke, improved on some poseability problems from the initial 25th assortments. This one goes the route of an environment specific outfit, but I still like the overall appearance. This figure has

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Scrap Iron (2008)

Here’s something I never thought I’d see: an arctic themed Scrap Iron. He hails from the internet exclusive multi pack known as the Extreme Conditions: Arctic Assault Squad. What a mouthfull! The pack was decent enough at least for its offering of a couple more 25th anniversary style Snow Serpents, as well as a Snow Serpent officer. Scrap Iron here

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