Dr. Mindbender (2003)

By Past Nastification GI Joe in 1:18th scale has had several eras.  They are ARAH, New Sculpt, 25A/Modern.  The 25A/Modern Era is currently in vogue, and the ARAH will always have its place in toy history.  The NS era, though, was full of mistakes and missed opportunities.  It never quite landed.  It’s widely disliked by collectors. As someone who liked

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Ultra CORPS! Hac Luger

Leave it to Lanard to make one of the coolest bad guy figures ever in 12 inch scale. The company’s CORPS! series didn’t introduce a group of villains until the 2000s Marauders. Hac is a member of the terrifying team that combats the heroes. I don’t recall his appearance in the small scale line, and that’s a shame, because this

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