Captivating Cover: Sigma 6 Issue #4

Ready for an understatement? The Sigma 6 cartoon series is not well regarded. Part of the 4KidsTV block, it was a good-looking show, but weak plots and mediocre voice acting killed any excitement I might have had for it. That’s right, I actually looked forward to the show. I realize it wasn’t aimed at my generation (or age for that matter) but Sunbow it is not. On the positive side, at least Hasbro put forth an effort to create a playable toy line along with media tie-ins.

I spotted the comic on the racks, and had a quick thought or two about picking it up, but decided against it. Again, it just wasn’t for me. This issue’s cover employs an age-old comic conceit: portraying a scene that doesn’t represent what’s inside. Scarlett and the Baroness do fight in this issue, and a part of the story is set during a fashion show, but the two ladies don’t go at it on the catwalk. I bet the cover did manage to pull in a few teen and older fans with its subject matter.


  • That bulge makes it look like Scarlett’s got a dong.

  • It’s too bad Hasbro didn’t release any female figures.

  • I know that this is just a photo of the cover of this comic, but, at least the artwork on it looks a billion times better than the unrealistic looking artwork in those awful cartoons. Sometimes I wonder which G.I. Joe cartoons has the worst artwork, G.I. Joe Extreme, Sigma 6, or Renegades. I’m not talking about the animation, just the artwork. I know that some of the episodes of the season two of DIC had mediocre artwork, but, at least the human characters were still drawn looking like real human beings. My biggest beef with the DIC cartoons has to do with something that happens with Metal-Head in the episode of D-Day At Alcatraz Part 1, in a scene where he gets scared by the ghost of Alcatraz, and starts to run, really, really, really fast. Either that scene was cut out of the television version, or my subconscious somehow delete it from my brain before it became a memory in it, because I did not remembered that scene, even after seen it on the DVD from Shout! Factory years ago. Anyway, I really miss the way that action adventure cartoons used to be drawn back in those days, before Batman The Animated Series ruined those type of cartoons by introducing the cartoonish looking “animated” style of designing human characters with square heads, and diamond shaped torsos. Sorry, but I just cannot stand that freaking horrible type of artwork. And yes, I know that the artwork of Resolute is not very realistic looking, but at least it looks so much better than those other cartoons that I just mentioned.

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