Captivating Cover: Secret of Starfish Island

Here’s an oddly sedate cover for a coloring book. Lady Jaye, Mainframe and Roadblock staking out what appears to be a Cobra submarine base.
Not exactly the bombastic cover of Marvel issue #1, is it? How can you produce an action coloring book and not have one single person on the cover flying at the viewer? Oh well, maybe the secret of Starfish Island is that it’s the base at which Cobra receives fresh seafood shipments.

The Secret of Starfish Island


  • Nice looking submarines… the one vehicle sorely missing from GI Joe & Cobra (there was just that one, the name escapes me at the moment, the Barracuda?). Heck, Transformers too .I guess the secret can’t be too important as there doesn’t look to be much security on Starfish Island. Probably is seafood or maybe shipments of crackers and tuna or something. Interesting coloring for a cover of a book of that age too.

  • What about the Bugg and Hammerhead? Cobra had two great, multi-role submarines there while all Jie had were little one-man subs like the SHARC and Barracuda.

  • Cool, the Chap Mei submarines!

  • At least Lady Jaye got a MAC-10 instead of her usual javelins. The yellow “Cobra” staff confuses me, though. They look like Black Major customs!

  • Also the Sea Ray! The Hammerhead’s probably the way they came up with to make a submarine with a decent enough level of playability.

    • D’oh! How could I forget the flying sub, the Sea Ray? I was just thinking of traditional submarines. The Bugg & Hammerhead looked like underwater tanks, not submarines per se. They don’t seem capable of going through the water, only on the ground above-water and underwater.

  • Good to see the cobra boys wear their hi-vis stuff. Safety first

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