Captain America Uniform and Equipment (Captain Action)

Ideal’s Captain Action series of licensed super hero outfits would seem like a natural formula for success. Based on the razor and blades concept that made Barbie and GI Joe champions of the toy aisle, the Captain was a basic twelve inch doll who could be outfitted as any number of comic and/or TV heroes. The series didn’t last long, and super heroes wouldn’t take off as a toy concept until Mego’s figures burst on the scene in the early 70s.

Captain America is a perennial presence when it comes to Marvel toys, and his patriotic uniform design is much of the reason. You can’t beat selling a man dressed as an American flag, at least to US audiences. Joe Simon and Jack Kirby truly created a superhero legend in the 1940s, and Marvel revived him to great effect. 

I’m particularly fond of the Captain Action outfit’s unique accessories. Although Cap doesn’t tote a rifle or pistol, they’re included here, at least as an ultrasonic disruptor and laser gun. Each is designed with a mid-century sci-fi vibe, and decoed in a nicely complimentary color scheme. 

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  • This is interesting. Maybe licensing wasn’t the goldmine it is now, but can you imagine if (when?) Hasbro stopped making action figures and licensed franchises to companies like Marauder Inc or Boss Fight Studios?

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