Cannonball (2005)

Cannonball is another driver made entirely of reused parts. It’s not surprising considering he was released as a driver of a Direct to Consumer vehicle, the Rhino. The DTC line utilized a lot of existing molds, with some strategically inserted new parts and weapons. Cannonball’s body is made up of Barrel Roll and Switch Gears, two of my favorite figures newly created during the new sculpt era. Maybe that’s why I like this figure despite its lack of new parts. Of course, knowing me, it could be the yellow.

As drivers in the new sculpt era go, Cannonball at least has the benefit of standing out with a unique look. Cannonball’s reused bits are offset by an interesting and effective paint scheme. While yellow and white aren’t exactly the most subdued of colors, they make for a memorable figure. The doo rag look is also a nice touch, and I hadn’t realized at first that the figure had undergone a race reassignment, as the head is not new, but originally belonged to a Heavy Duty figure from earlier in the decade. Speaking of heads, a swap with the original Barrel Roll could make for a fun variant of the Joe team’s airborne sniper.


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