BUCKs (2005 Lanard Corps!)

Lanard’s Corps! line broke its figures off into several sub-groups for a bit in the 2000’s (where have we seen that before?) There were the WASPs, an air based group; the ROOS, a rapid response team; the ORCAs, a group of water operations specialists; and the BUCKs, a bio nuclear containment squad. Two of the figures in this group were outfitted in a sort of bio hazard uniform that also resembles bomb squad gear.

This particular figure doesn’t quite ring to me as a heroic character. Maybe it’s the paint job, but this guy looks like a villain. He even has what looks like a scar on his right eye, usually a sure sign of villainry. The uniform is a wild mix of blue with strange airbrushed streaks. A variation of this odd paint scheme was repeated in some of the other sub-teams. Here, it just further cements the figure in my mind as a villain. The odd helmet and strange orange highlight gives off a menacing air as well. Overall, I also get a Jack Kirby vibe off this figure. Maybe it’s the build, and that strange helmet. The pattern on the helmet reminds me of the “Kirby Dots” that he often used to portray superheroic energy.

My villain theory was borne out when this body was later used as Ravage, the leader of the Marauders, the Corps! line’s first official villains. I had wondered since the 80’s where the bad guys were. Sure took a while, didn’t it?


  • I’ve been getting exposed to the Corps through other blogs lately and they seem impressive. I may have to snag a few for my collection.

  • The face certainly looks Kirby-ish. He’s got that street tough mug going there.

  • Just curious, why waste a day on these guys? I love this site, I enjoy the thoughts on the JOE figures, but I hate when I log in and find a CORPS or some other line being discussed. The Joe line is SO extensive, it just seems like a waste when you spend time on the knock-offs. Just my opinion…

    • I understand how some folks don’t care much for the non-Joe stuff. I’ve always intended the blog from time to time to cover figures that were inspired by GI Joe. I find a lot of them interesting, just as I do Joes, and I like to give them the spotlight. I find the history of the Joe line and its associated memories as much fun as the toys themselves, and the also-rans are a fascinating footnote to me. I don’t see it as a waste, as another Joes is usually just around the corner. Don’t worry, the blog won’t be morphing into Corps A Day anytime soon.

  • Well then how about a suggestion… since it’s called JOE a day… how about on the days when you decide to post a non Joe item, you post a second review of an actual Joe item as well. I know it is probably time consuming, but is that possible?

    • That seems needlessly pedantic.

    • It seems rather presumptuous of you to ask a blogger to double up on his work load on days when he is writing about something you don’t like. It’s the equivalent of asking a farmer to grow extras of one crop just because you prefer that vegetable over another he’s growing.

      Here is a suggestion: When you go to Joe A Day, and see it isn’t a Joe figure being reviewed, take three deep breathes and remind yourself that everything will be OK.

  • I don´t mind it a bit. I think it´s fun to read Rob´s thoughts on everything Joe-related. And we all know that there´s been a few knock-offs over the years as with most successful lines?

    Since The Corps! is so similar to GI Joe in a number of ways they surely share some history with a lot of collectors.

    As a kid I sometimes got a Corps! figure once in a while mainly ´case they were cheaper and parents don´t always see the difference.

    Keep up the good work Rob! 😉

  • I really dislike “Lanard Corps!” too.
    But I read every day something new here and I’m happy for this fact. I

  • He looks like one of Slaughter’s Marauders!

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