BTR-Ticles: Night Prowler

by Twitziller

The Built to Rule Night Prowler is the first of two micro sets offered in the second series of BTR in 2004. Like other second series sets, the figure is no longer visible through a clear window on the front of the box.

In its primary mode, the Night Prowler is an armed go-kart or perhaps an attack street luge. No secondary mode is described for the set.

The included figure is a Shadow Viper, a Cobra counter-intelligence operative.

The Night Prowler’s only weapon is a small, user-powered missile launcher. Notable parts from the Night Prowler include the go-kart chassis and the grey side rails. With a set this small, being able to use the chassis for different functions and in different orientations is a key to alternative builds. Removing two of the wheels makes it resemble a trailer or a towed weapon.

In Marvel’s 1980s G.I. Joe comics, the twisted Dr. Venom used the brainwave scanner device in an
attempt to steal secrets from Snake-Eyes’ mind. Though it never made it into the toy line of the 1980s, fans can use the Night Prowler’s pieces to construct a simple approximation of this infernal contraption.


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