Bombardier (BFTB Exclusive)

I’ve said this many times over the history of the blog: I miss o-ring GI Joe figures. While I don’t have a problem with the modern figure construction, I simply prefer the style and sensibilities of the older guys. Some of the allure is nostalgia, since they’re the Joes of my childhood and some of it is an appreciation of the figures’ design and the idiosyncrasies of the appearance of o-rings and rivets. The exposed elements of the toys’ articulation is as much a part of their charm for me as my memories of play. That sounds like a lot of phony-baloney gobbledygook, but I can’t help myself sometimes. I was an art major and had to spout a lot of this sort of mumbo-jumbo in art history papers.

The figure now known as Bombardier was once a mystery figure, but now its origin is known. I won’t go into the details, as you can find the story at Blood for the Baron. BFTB is an amazing resource for all things Action Force, and recently they partnered up with Commander Hood, Vintage Star Wars Collectables and Red Lasers Army, and released an o- ring version of the famous figure.

The collectors club has also visited the concept in its figure subscription service, produced in the modern GI Joe construction style. While that figure was a cool homage, I’m more excited to see it here in the original format.

This figure is an accurate reproduction of the o-ring swivel-arm Flash mold, with his signature laser rifle and backpack. Like other unofficial figures, the plastic is of a different quality than Hasbro vintage. The plastic of the helmet and laser rifle aren’t as robust as their counterparts, but work fine for display. Some pieces (like the forearms) appear to be hand-painted rather than spray masked. Overall, it’s a nicely done figure, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to pick up a copy of an interesting bit of Action Force/GI Joe history.



  • It’s nice to see this figure. It’s a cool design and makes perfect sense for a custom figure maker to visit.

    How are the joints on yours? I’ve heard more than a few complaints of loose joints and sloppy paint masks. Which has lead me to delay my inevitable acquisition of this figure.

  • Oh, and I just noticed the figure’s filename is Ron Conner. Nice little homage there to the guy who found the original figure in a pile of junk at Whiz Bang collectibles in Florida in the mid 1990’s.

  • It’s wonderful to see figures like this created! I had some minor quality issues with mine, but overall I like it. And if you don’t like “Bombardier” of the special weapons team, paint over the yellow pads and you’ve got a serviceable urban or arctic ops Flash.

  • I love this figure so much. He was one of the first four I bought from eBay when I got back into vintage-style GI Joe toys. Granted, that wasn’t too long ago. But I’ve only ever owned Snake Eyes (and now Scarlett) of the 82 molds, and Flash is one of the cooler ones, so this is a treat.

    No idea how you old folks copes with Flash never being able to hold his rifle in a convincing manner with the original hose in tact, though.

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