Blast-Off (1993)

I’m really excited to share this figure with you today. It’s the kind of later Joe figure that makes me smile. The bright primary colors of some of the 90’s figures spark some kind of basic joy for me. Maybe it’s the superhero comic fan in me. Whatever the case, I’m fascinated with the Mega Marines figures. The combination of bold solid color with marbelized plastic makes for a set of figures that can’t be mistaken for any other Joes. With this particular figure, I get a strong pop art vibe.

As the monster fighting team’s flamethrower, Blast-Off manages to make an outmoded specialty appropriate. The team fights mutated monsters that happen to be susceptible to fire (what monster since Frankenstein isn’t?) so having a guy around to set things ablaze makes a lot of sense.

Like the other figures in the sub line, he’s equipped with moldable bio armor (play-doh) and a firing missile launcher. I’ve always been a bit disappointed with the helmet, as the package art depicts an open face, while the figure itself has a closed helmet. The single color of the helmet, while it matches the bold swaths of color of the rest of figure, still seems a bit lacking.

For those who prefer a more sensible color palette, most of this mold made an appearance as a convention exclusive “urban rain” camo version of Oktober Guardsman Dragonsky.


  • The only part they swapped out for the 2005 Dragonsky was the chest, with Star Brigade Duke’s being used instead. I should look for this guy at some point. Maybe get an extra helmet to paint in some details.

  • Kansas Brawler

    I loved this figure. His color scheme may be bright (like all the Mega Marines), but just like the rest of the members of this subteam, it’s absolutely loaded with details. I do agree the helmet has always been a little bit of a sore spot for me, what with the single color and the closed face plate that makes it look different from the card art but he’s still a really solid piece of late-era Joe design.

  • Between this and the present heat wave I could go for an orange popsicle right now. I hope the rubbed paint off his nose isn’t due to the helmet. The head would make for a nice Dragonsky or maybe a diver like Torpedo, Deep Six, or Wet-Suit.

  • Nice new character in the roster.

  • The 3rd of 4 GI JOE flame throwers. His code name doesn’t make sense. Maybe “Burn-Off” would be better, “Blast-Off” sounds like a pilot or Star Brigade character.

    I gotta give hasbro credit for the marbelized plastic, adds color without adding paint ops. Doesn’t quite make up for the orange, but it was 1993, youcould either take him or leave.

  • So he’s the third flame thrower, but he’s got the number “2” on his chest. Is he just obsessed with being No. 2?

    Ice Cream Soldier.

    • Believe it or not, Ice Cream Soldier was my first original-style GI Joe figure–got it in 2005 from a friend.

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