Big Ben (2003)

Holy cow, did the GI Joe world need forty seven Big Ben figures between 2002 and 2006? At least with this one, the old body was replaced with another. The only problem: it was General Hawk, whose Talking Battle Commander look is just too easily identified to be a good substitute. On the other hand, it is nice to get old Ben wearing something other than cold weather gear.

This is one of those figures that just sort of blends in among his comrades. He’s quite nondescript, which is ironic considering that he drove one of the most audaciously crazy vehicles of the era: the Road Rebel.


  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    When I first read this, I mistook Big Ben for Big Bear. I thought it was cool they made a beardless update to the figure.

  • I used this figure for two customs, both of which are still work in progress–the head went to an extra 2004 Kwinn to make an “arctic rescue” version of Big Ben to go with the 2010 arctic Doc figure (all he needs are blue highlights), while the body is going to be used for a General Hawk based on his appearance in the Sgt. Savage and the Screaming Eagles cartoon.

  • I tried turning a spare one into Patton but it didnt lwork too well. R.O.C Destro makes a perfect patton though.

    Hawk from the Sergeant Savage was actually Battle corps Flagg.

  • Never liked Big Ben.

    As a UK Joe fan we had various characters “adapted” into UK and international born characters for the UK release of the line, so being “first UK Joe” was nothing special.

    But there’s nothing really about the figure that screams “I’m from the UK”

    And as for that Hat…. I don’t think that’s standard issue for the UK Army. A Beret (green maybe) or a Cap would have been better.

    Personally I think the Artic version that TRU got in a 2 pack with Snow Job is the best one – the clothes suit him being an Artic trooper

  • I can see a good ME update to him as PoC Snake Eyes body with a Boss Fight Studio version of this head. He’s supposed to be SAS after all.

  • Just when I thought I knew all the Big Ben repaints! I like the paint on the (funny) hat, but the body is pretty dull. The Road Rebel kinda reminds me of a 2012 HISS Scout with a crazy spring-loaded cannon added.

  • I liked the original Big Ben but he never screamed SAS to me, I preferred the home-grown SAS Force figures for that once I’d upgraded their articulation a bit. I never quite understood why BB wasn’t the liason for Flint and Lady Jaye when the were operating in the UK with Destro. It would have made more sense than Jingles who was far too ‘Cor blimey Mary Poppins’ to be anything other than an iritation.

    I use this figure with a custom head as GI Joe ally Steve Austin. The expensive one, not the wrestler…

  • I just him used as generic British armor drivers, at one point I called him “Ton-Up”, then I got few more on clearance. The lack of paint ops is lame, almost a 90’s throwback in that aspect.

  • @Dekkard
    Thats what i think should have been done with the international characters. It makes more sense to have them acting as liasons when visiting said nations rather than having them assigned as permament members to an American army.

    That issue you brought up really annoyed me. Did one of the writers really think thats what British people sounded like? With that lingo the British officer could fly Spitfires.

  • @Skymate
    Exactly, that’s like me assuming you wear a hat with corks on it and call people drongos. Hooroo mate…

  • Isn’t the number of Big Ben figures released between 2002 and 2006, um, three?

  • It was 3, maybe it seems like more because he became a parts donor to figures like comic pack Kwinn, Schrage, General Flagg (legs)…

    Also, his 2002 releases came with “a Cobra army builder” so some fans got a lot of extras.

  • And as for that Hat…. I don’t think that’s standard issue for the UK Army.

    Doesn’t that suit his being SAS, though?

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