Big Ben (1993)

Released as a member of the mail-in International Action Force four pack, Big Ben was repainted to reflect the more colorful palette prevalent in the last two series of 90s Joes. His original 1991 version is one of the best of that under-appreciated bunch. By the 2000s, collectors had been treated to several more releases of the character, and I daresay many of us suffered from Big Ben Burnout. But in 1993, he was a good figure to get hold of again.

I’ve always seen Big Ben as a cold weather trooper thanks to his headgear and thick jacket. The addition of light grey highlights on this version further emphasizes this aspect of his character for me. I’m not sure what environment his pants will fit into, but again the later series were all about eye-catching color. Despite the recolor, the mold’s personality shines through. Ben’s expression is one of my favorites, as he’s full of determination.

The entire group of the IAF was sparsely accessorized. None of the figures came equipped with a backpack, and poor Spirit only brandished a knife. Big Ben received a Tunnel Rat machine gun, a better weapon than the funky laser rifle that Big Bear carried.


  • This is a solid repaint of this figure. I’m not too sure where he’d fit in, either, due to his colors. But, they are different and eye-catching. Really, none of the Big Ben full mold repaints were bad. But, we didn’t need 5 of them. Nor did we need to see his chest used on a few more figures. Hasbro really ruined a good thing with this guy.

  • As much overexposure as Big Ben got, he’s really an underappreciated character. I kinda like the maroon here, but the orange trousers are a bit much.

  • Big Ben is great (a real childhood favorite for me), and I love this one. I’d feel super lucky to own any of the figures from this set.

    Can you imagine that we lived in a time where our biggest complaint was getting too many repaints of an amazing figure with perfect accessories just so we could get more cheap Vipers and Alley Vipers? We were spoiled little turds. Now we have NOTHING.

  • He looks like Bill Murray.

    • I used to think they gave him a very British-looking face, but after your post, I can only see Bill Murray. 🙂

  • Sort of desert-ish colors. Odd they kept the black camo on his face. This one would be better off without it.

  • This is the only Big Ben that hasn’t been through my collection!

    After all the “versus” versions that I started out with, I got the original ’91 Big Ben and had no hard feelings about letting them all slide out of the collection.

    This International team version would be okay in a desert set up. How does this guy look next to Spearhead ’88?

  • This is a good figure, but the ’91 Big Ben is one is the best in the entire line.

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