Belt Buckle Week – Day 2: Grunt (1983)

Even the military gets in on the buckle act sometimes, and fancy schmancy buckles have been de rigeur in armies for centuries. They inform friend and foe alike of one’s affiliation and even rank. At other times in history they existed only to look dandy. It’s no surprise then that a colorful group like the GI Joe team would be a perfect subject for a little focus on the utilitarian yet often expressive pants holder upper.

Grunt, like all the other 1982 Joes, was the recipient of several improvements in the Real American Hero Year Two. The new waist piece, though not a ground breaking achievement like the swivel arm, nevertheless improved the figures’ fit and finish. Trimmed down from the first year, it featured a lower profile belt. Along with the belt was a newly designed buckle. If you were a kid or a collector from the 70s to the 90s, you’ll probably recognize the shape. It’s the Hasbro house, featured as part of the company’s old logo and brand identity. It’s one of the coolest little Easter eggs from the era. Now I want a full size version. Gotta check eBay for a role play set. Who knows, there just may have been one.


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