• Nice, it’s the Halloween version of Beach Head. I’m sure that kids might prefer him better inside their treat bags than collectors would on their display shelves. Unless you’re a diehard Tiger Force aficionado, of course.

    I feel like having some sweet potato pie all of a sudden.

  • Beachhead v1’s noggin was always massive, round Autumny gourd-like but then the Club actually painted it orange and the pumpkin comparison joke could write themselves.

  • Orange like he don’t care.

  • I think the vest and pants are painted quite nicely–in fact, the vest (except for the orange on the collar) looks similar to the shade of green on the ROC Beachhead’s. Also, I have a figure using this mold (the Night Force Beachhead), and the head doesn’t look that big to me.

  • Bravo, sir. You have made my day!

  • Imagine if master collector had actually done good things with the Funskool molds. This was such a waste of good figures.

  • Ya know what? I kinda like him! He looks neat.

  • An amusing release, but Master Collector misunderstood TIGER FORCE. The 1988-89 figures were NOT all orange based. They had different tiger stripe colors.

    They also failed with the Tiger Force Hydrofoil. Should be yellow with black stripes. If they tought people wouldn’t want that, they should’ve have bother making it Tiger Force at all.

  • I like him on the level he is so silly. The great pumpkin charlie brown version is what I dubbed him back then.

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  • The lighter color shows off how great yhe headsculpt was, for 1986. You just have to figure out a specific role for Tiger Force, where the colors make sense…then these figures are usable. I’d love to use the torso and legs for a Skidmark custom.

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