• I’ve always wondered–why are these vehicles even called robots? They just look more like small vehicles.

  • I remember seeing these before any of the figures came out that year. I figured that had to be a new Rock n Roll in the picture of one of them. Very pleased that R&R finally got updated!

  • They don’t seem much like robots. Then again, the “seat” on the Radar Rat is a joke; like sitting on a heat-exchanger. Little remotes or laptops might’ve sold the PAC-RAT idea, but added to the cost. Neat for the price, though.

  • When you compare these to similar price point items from prior years, you really get a sense of the overall direction the line was starting to take. It would still take 5 years, but these toys are one of the early warning signs.

  • I think that was the same catalouge i had at one point

  • ”Battlefield Robots.” ”Neat idea of little vehicles, that kids , during the 80’s could afford ,along with an action figure.”

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