Barbecue (2009)

One of my favorite aspects of the 2009 movie line was the Toys R Us exclusive figure series. It gave us some straight repaints, a few new combinations of 25th anniversary parts, and also one brand new character.

Barbecue falls into the straight repaint category. The 25th anniversary mold has been done up in a more movie reminiscent style. I would have preferred if they had tied it in closer to the movie figures by using the movie’s camo pattern rather than the pale yellow here, but it’s not too bad as it is.

Barbecue was one of the characters I took a liking to back in 1985, mainly because of the card art. When a new figure came out, I remember staring at the tiny illustrations on the new year’s cardbacks, marveling at all the other new characters that I’d hopefully be seeing in stores soon.

Unfortunately, the vintage figure itself didn’t totally live up to the card art, especially the helmet and slanted shoulders. The 25th anniversary version remedied that, giving us a flatter, more angular sculpt that closely resembled the original painting on the packaging.The modular accessories of the 25th style also allowed for a separate piece of shoulder armor rather than the molded version seen on the old figure.

Of course, you can never go wrong with Barbecue’s extinguisher (with old school hose!) and a big honkin’ axe, which were thankfully included with this version.


  • I couldn’t wait for a new figure to pop up back in the day, because it meant updated cardbacks! Checking out the new characters was sometimes more thrilling for me than actually finding the figures. Barbecue got more respect in the Sunbow cartoon that he did in the comic and that was enough to like him, but my only beef with the figure was his lack of a removable helmet. There was talk that this 25th Anniversary version would change that, but sadly enough, Hasbro chose to hide Gabe Kelly’s mug once more. I’m still hoping for a soft plastic alternative like the helmets that Airtight and Lifeline will be getting next year.

  • I do like the extinguisher, and big honkin’ axe. I think his waist area looks too small to support his upper body. Is it just me?

  • Steven B. Williams

    I like this figure, too. Too bad he was an exclusive. =(

  • I agree the Sunbow cartoon made me a fan of the character, but the figure always left so much to be desired. the lack of removable helmet really limited his usage. My Barebque figures are relegated to my Flagg Deck crew, but see little action.

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