Backdraft (1997 Bronze Bombers)

Like all of the ’97 Bronze Bomber figures, paint applications are at a minimum. The lack of detail color really strikes me with this figure, since the Strato-Viper mold is so full of detail.

The mold origin also hinders my ability to see this as anything but a repainted Strato. Of all the Joe pilot molds used in the ’97 Bombers set, the mold is too distinctive and well known to me to read as anything else.

According to the file card, Backdraft is the partner of Crazeblaze, another fire/explosion obsessed Bronze Bombers enemy. How the stylish pilot uniform figures into this, I don’t know.

Some might say he would make a nice Crimson Guard pilot, but I think he’s also very Christmas-y, with his red and green color scheme. Now that I think about it, I think mine will be called Happy Holidays Strato-Viper from now on.


  • Makes me wish Hasbro had gotten those vehicle driver molds back from Omlec after ’97–they could’ve been put to good use.

    I can see people doing a 25th Anniversary style custom of Backdraft using the ROC Air-Viper that came with the Rocket Pack.

    • Maybe those drivers molds would’ve been put to good use, but maybe not. There were a few molds we know they had but never got put to good use. Decimator (head was used on COIL Trooper), never got reissued, nor WORMS entirely, nor AERO Viper…

      It was simply cheaper to make TRU 6-packs using the same stuff over and over.

      Then they shredded all the old molds.

  • This guy would fit in with the Crimson Guard but that green has gotta go. Also, omitting paint work on the goggles really hurts an otherwise nice figure.

  • Clutch, I was thinking the exact same thing regarding the goggles. Any color would have been better than no color!

  • It bugs me that they used the StratoViper waist on the Motor Viper (Scorch) and visa-versa.

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