ATK Command Mission Vehicle (Lanard CORPS!)

Don’t call it a Humvee–at least not this time. Lanard’s CORPS! line had featured vehicles incredibly similar to that famous official military transport for years. This more modern take on the concept takes things further into the future design-wise, and I think it’s a big hit. The CORPS! has a long history of vehicles, and although some of the early efforts echoed Hasbro designs, they’ve also branched out with their own unique offerings. Items like the patrol boat and this updated take on a general purpose combat vehicle are interesting breaks from the norm.

AKT Command Mission Vehicle (CORPS!)

The silhouette of the ATK predates the modern GI Joe VAMP first seen in the Pursuit of Cobra line. Both vehicles cut a similar profile, but I find the ATK to be a little more fun than Joe’s ride. The body style is more squat and substantial than the latest VAMP. The closest analogy I can make is that it looks akin to an armored combat SUV. I didn’t get a comparison shot with a VAMP, but this thing is also quite large. It doesn’t have back seats a la the classic Hammer, because the rear compartment is occupied by stand-up gunners.

Usually this vehicle is seen decorated in tan and also with a variety of stickers and/or camo paint ops. I don’t recall if I picked up my sample from the annual Lanard sale, which would make sense as I’ve seen other oddities and one-offs during my visits. Regardless, the ATK has an interesting look sans deco.

AKT Command Mission Vehicle (CORPS!)

AKT Command Mission Vehicle (CORPS!)


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