Another Look at Law

Another re-run? Yes. Why? Mainly because I was really busy this week, it’s a holiday, and haven’t been able to get more stuff in the hopper to cover. Want another reason? I really like this figure. Enjoy it again. I do. Just look at his missile launcher. Thing of beauty, that.

Law (1993).


  • I wonder if any mishaps where one of these figures (or his other versions) count as breaking the Law….

  • I like the battle corps stuff as I had so much of it when I was young. Granted some of them have obnoxious colour schemes and needless missile launchers. I also think the moulds are fine and would have worked better if more subdued or military colours

  • At least his missile launcher isn’t attached to his helmet – that’s got to sting when it fires…

  • A great re-visit. There are some Battle Corps era sculpts that are very creative. I’m learning to appreciate their different uses. He might not be Law the MP, but he could join the Eco Warriors.

  • The weakest thing about 1993/1994 I think was the recycling of accessory sets between figures. IIRC, except for the helmet, Law & Long Arm share the same accessories.

  • One of the best Battle Corps molds of all. I love the texturing on this figure. All you need is an extra Order and you’re ready to go with this guy. You can even swap his tree and launcher for the original Law’s gear from a junked fig if you’re aiming for a more realistic look.

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