Alpine (2008)

Late series distribution problems seem to be a theme in the collecting community, whether you’re talking about the toy collecting boom of the 90’s or today. Collect a line long enough and at some point, it’s going to raise its ugly head. Collectors get nervous when word circulates that a particular assortment is getting short shrift in terms of availability. The modern collector is fortunate, however, that he doesn’t have to rely on the hype of one or two magazines, but can instead get the latest info from other collectors online. Power to the people!

Alpine hails from DVD battle pack number five, a set that was an absolute bugger for me to find back when it was released. I was fortunate that I ordered it online at the time, as I never did see it at retail. The pack was one of my favorites of the bunch, as it also included a chrome faceplate version of Cobra Commander, the Cobra Paratrooper (with improved head and Sunbow rifle) and Hollerin’ Duke with jetpack.

The 25th anniversary series seemed to be the proving ground for the parts reuse and modular webgear/accessories concepts of the current line. Alpine turns out to be a very effective interpretation of his classic look, using Snow Job’s arms and legs with new torso and head. It’s still amazing what can be achieved with just a few added touches; the jacket, gauntlets and even a leg clip for his grappling hook. He’s also done up in some slightly brighter colors than the vintage figure, which I think adds some much needed contrast to the design.


  • I was one of the many who got screwed due to the lousy distribution so Alpine here remains one of my Holy Grails. I would have wanted to get the sealed pack but it looks more like I’ll be paying for a loose/complete figure in the future. Love the head sculpt on this version, it’s very faithful to the ’85 original in its awesomeness. An outstanding update all around. Dang, I really need to get this guy now!

    • There were some significant hits and misses with the 25th. This, to my mind, is a solid hit.. I would rate him 4 out of 5 easily.

      Somehow I ended up with an extra one of this figure. The shame is only that I am still missing that damned part from a 2nd M.A.S.S. device so I could paint it up and have the Joe version, too.

      If you are in need, We might be able to come to some accord. At the moment I’m not sure where his stand is, but I’m actively looking. Aside from that, he’s complete with file card.

  • Great update! Awesome work, “Mamma Hasbro”!

  • I had him before I was a fan of the 25th Anniversary, so I essentially gave him away. ‘Tis a bummer, as I would love to take some outdoor photos of him now.

    I hate when they don’t paint the place where the thigh meets the lower abdomen, though. Looks cheap.

  • Jonah Hardenbrook

    Nice write up. I’ve never seen this figure. The shoddy distribution is one of the main reasons I gave up on collecting the 25th line and never tried to collect the Modern Era stuff. This looks like a decent update of the original, which I was always a big fan of.

  • I love this figure. One of my faves from the 25th line.

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