Alley Viper (2013)

During the 25th anniversary series, there were many figures on fans’ want lists. The Defense of Cobra Island seven pack put a few of most wanted Cobra army builders in our hands. The original Alley Viper was one of them, and most of that mold continues to show up in modern versions of the popular urban assault trooper.

Less accessorized and more colorful than the Pursuit of Cobra version, this Alley Viper also mixes other parts from Retaliation and PoC. Under the Jungle Duke harness is the torso from the new movie version of Duke. Why did poor Duke have to lend so much to a Cobra? The newly attached parts don’t take away too much from the look of the figure, but folks anticipating a pure mold homage to the 1989 Alley Viper may be disappointed. The harness just doesn’t quite work for the Alley Viper.




I miss the backpack with removable grappling gun most of all. Oh well, you can’t have everything. Hopefully this guy will be much easier to find on the pegs than his last iteration.

Since we’ve already seen this mold so many times, I’d been hoping for a new interpretation of the Battle Corps versions of the Alley Viper. There’s something about that yellow and black paint scheme with the fanged face plate and Cobra emblem shield that’s really struck me. Maybe some day we’ll get one.



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